Elastic Concepts

Deep Inspection:

Physical perception, business perception, experience perception, content perception

Flexible Reconstruction:

SDN、NFV、SDDC、programmable IDC、network OS、dynamic resource  allocation  based on the perception and demand

Continuous Evolution:

Software defined everything




Service Offerings:

CertusNet provides elastic cloud services to end user over SDN and NFV based elastic network, and to provide end-to-end customer experience assurance (CEA) system to ensure the best quality of service.






We provide perceivable, reconfigurable, evolvable network and service  platform. By using intelligent software to perceive and reconstruct, activate and reuse the network resources, reduce network investment, realize refinement of business operations, reduce dependence on special hardware equipment.




We dedicated to solve the problem of network scalability, controllability and adaptive problem. In order to meet the requirements of network applications and services.



With limited network resources, through flexible reconstruction and configuration, we support quick deployment of various services to many users with best user experience.



Elastic network is the future of communication network development; CertusNet provides core technologies, supports its long term evolution.